Digital Girl To Watch: Corvida Raven

- Name: Corvida Raven
- Occupation: Tech Blogger
- Location: New York
- Why do you love what you do?

Technology intersects with so many things that you don’t initially think about. I love playing in those spaces and seeing what comes out of it. It forces you to take many risks, but since I love the intersections I get to stand in, I can enjoy taking those risks. I love getting to that point of what I do

- Why are you a Digital Girl:

I’m a digital girl because I love using technology and I’m passionate about making others feel comfortable about using tech to make a difference in their lives

- What has your road to success been like so far?

My road to success has been a blessing with many highs, and a handful of lows. I’ve learned a lot and grown tremendously as a person since I started doing this at the age of 19. Fortunately, there’s much more to come and I’m 10000% grateful for that!

- Why did you create SheGeeks.net?

I’ve been blogging since the 8th grade (early 2000s). My blog was originally created just to have fun and get into web design because that was really popular amongst my peers at the time. For me, SheGeeks is the evolution of blogging as a fun hobby into a platform where your voice can make a difference

- Advice for women aspiring to work in the digital industry

Follow your passions, believe in yourself and never give up. Network, network, network!

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