"Love the first ten speakers -- all brilliant, inspiring figures in the tech world. Oh, they are all women? I hardly even noticed; their qualifications are overwhelming."


Love that comment from Quincy Apparel founder Christina Wallace on this post from Paddy Cosgrave. Backstory

Too often I get asked: where are the female entrepreneurs in tech? It’s a very valid question because the answer is: There simply aren’t as many compared to men, and in particular at the highest levels. But, and this is important, things are changing, and changing fast. Now more than ever there are incredible female entrepreneurs in tech, and that number is growing and growing fast, in particular at an early stage.

And so, inspired by the suggestion of Faye, my wonderful fiance, we’re announcing 10 incredible female tech entrepreneurs on day one and no men. Yes we’ve got hundreds of more speakers to announce over the coming months, and yes they are mostly men, who have or are building incredible tech companies. But we hope this says something.

It does. Peep the speakers here! Or scan the list below:

Jen O’Neal - Tripping

Cindy Gallop - If We Ran The World

Deborah Berebichez - The Science of Everyday Life

Yulia Mitrovich - Svyaznoy Group

Shauna Mei - AHAlife.com

Eva Ho - Factual

Silje Vallestad - Bipper

Soraya Dorabi - Foodspotting

Alexandra Chong - Luluvise

Alexia Tsotsis - TechCrunch