NY vs SF for Digital Girls


While the Bay Area has been the main tech hub of the US for decades, New York city’s tech scene has been gaining momentum, becoming a formidable player in the technology landscape. For Digital Girls torn between launching their careers in tech on the East or West coast here a few key points to consider.


While the San Francisco tech scene can be heavy on “bro culture” a factor that can be intimidating to most women entering the field, the New York scene is all about the bottom line – revenue. Wall Street has long reigned supreme, and that influence certainly affects the city’s tech scene. New York is definitely a haven for the high intensity Type A personality so if that describes you fitting in will be a cinch.


The city’s other top industries are fashion and media, and that definitely informs the kind of work available. While you may find a wide range of startups and tech companies in the Bay Area, if you were hoping to add a particular edge to your work in tech, New York is the best place for blending interest in digital with work in the city’s other popular fields. Noted fashion-tech companies include Gilt Groupe, Moda Operandi, Rent the Runway and Fashinvest, all with New York headquarters.

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