What to Expect from Pinterest’s New Funding


Social media darling and rapidly expanding platform just secured a cool $100 million from Japan based financiaers, Rakuten. The company is known for their pioneering efforts in social commerce, and the new funding “allow Pinterest to continue improving its service and expanding its community globally .”

But what could this really mean for the platform? Here are my best guesses, stay tuned in the next few months to see if any of these was right on the money.


Pinterest will become shoppable

Rival social curation site The Fancy has been making waves for its similar functionalities, allowing users to “fancy” items across the web, curating their tastes in a beautiful online display. The main distinction is that The Fancy is fully shopable, allowing users to easily buy the items they see online. Pinterest’s new partnership with social commerce experts suggests the site’s management is highly interested in exploring this new path.


The new graphic features will blow your mind

The thing that keeps people pinning and pinning for hours is just how pretty the finished boards look. Expect part of Pinterest’s new funding to be used for improving the way boards are created and allowing them to be spiced up. Think borders, backgrounds, fun fonts, and other good stuff that will have you even more hooked.


Privacy & Security will improve

Because sometimes you want to build an online shrine to Ryan Gosling, or a collage of your fave engagement rings … without your boyfriend finding out. I predict users will soon be able to create boards that can be fully private, or seen only by their followers or friends.  And hopefully they will be able to better manage their pesky spam problems.



What else are you predicting (or hoping for) from Pinterest this year?

Malikah Kelly is an e-commerce and digital communications pro and Digital Girls Club contributer currently based in Milan, Italy.